Managerial functions


These are Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling

1. PLANNING:- This involves a systematic process for attaining the goals of the organization and it prepares the organization for the future.


Analyzing the present situation or conducting situational analysis
Setting objectives: – *Characteristics – Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound (SMART) *Determining factors – Strength, weakness, opportunites and threats (SWOT)
Determining the most effective means of achieving the objectives (Using Action Plan)
2. CONTROLLING:- Using the necessary mechanics to verify that actual performance matches the plan.Controlling therefore, involves measuring performance. Performance appraisal records are normally used to measure the performance of employees.

3. ORGANISING:-This involves arranging the necessary resources to carry out the plan.

Financial and material resources: – Arrange and allocate the necessary financial and material resources to accomplish the goals.
Human Resources:- Create a structure that will establish relationship among the employees. An organisational chart can best be used in doing this. The organisational chart should also indicate the levels of accountability from the highest position to the lowest.
Job Description must be attached to every position.
Staffing is an essential companies of organising. It involves obtaining and developing the employees within the organisational structure.
4. DIRECTING:- Involves guiding leading and overseeing employees to achieve organisational goals.

Motivation is a major component in directing. Motivation involves designing appropriate means to get employees to put forth their maximum effort.


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