žBEFORE                DURING                    žAFTER


žComprehensive budget – must have been prepared to guide the Officer doing preparations

žDevelop concept paper

žTranslation of Course content, letter and other materials to be used into the working languages to be used.

žVenue: Decide on options for venue based on the target group for the activity – discuss with Coordinator/Officer in charge about the preferred location

žVenue: Check various options and make the final choice based on facilities (rooms, internet, conference, food etc) and cost based on the funds available

žNegotiate a package with the hotel to include conference and meal package

žVisit the hotel and check facilities required

žSend confirmation letter as soon agreement is reached on the hotel arrangement

Recruiting of participants

žDevelop criteria for participation

žDesign participation form which will solicit more information on participants (profiles etc)

žCollate forms and do the selection based on criteria developed

žFinalize list of participants

žSend official invitation letters to selected participants & give deadlines to receive confirmation


Special Guests

žWill there be a formal opening? – Guest speaker, other invited Guests

žPay a courtesy call on Special Guests and have verbal discussions about the programme before a formal letter is sent

(give speaker ample time to prepare)

žSend invitation letters and other relevant documents

Air Travel

žMake ticket reservations once list is complete while waiting for confirmations

žGive deadline for confirmation and enquire if participants can prefinance or not and decide whether to send the tickets by courier, PTA or as e-ticket

žEnquire whether participants may need visas and write to Immigration Service to inform them ahead of time (so you can have their visa letters ready ) otherwise you follow up upon arrival with retention slip

žAs much as possible if tickets need to be sent it should be sent at least 5 days to the activity date to make room for courier delays etc

Local Travel

žArrange for airport pick ups – make arrival and departure schedule available to whoever will be picking up participants to and from the airport to the hotels

ž If the activity will take place outside Accra arrange for a bus to pick them up.

žConfirm pick up time with the Car Hiring company

Documents & training pack

žGet training/conf. materials from facilitators, translate (where necessary) and make photocopies ready for each participant in the language(s) to be used for the meeting/conference. Each document should packed in a different envelope and labeled to allow for easy identification during the training (especially where materials will be given out in the course of the training)

žGet the necessary stationery ready:

žFolders, pens, markers, notepads, flip chart paper, masking tape, cello tape, post it pads, brown envelopes (A4 & A3)

žWelcome letters indicating what is expected of them and who the contact person should be for logistical questions – time table/programme, who to contact for any logistical needs,

žTable/place tags and name badges


žMake the reservation early so as to secure the equipment

žDiscuss with the Interpreters as to pick up arrangements

žMake a vehicle to convey the equipment (where activity will take place outside Accra) to and from the venue

žOther equipment – LCD Projector

Media Coverage

If there will be the need for media coverage of the activity:

žPrepare invitation letters to the selected media houses

žSend letters at least 1 week to the activity date. They have the tendency of forgetting about invitations that are sent too early ahead of the program.

žCall to find out if the letters got to the appropriate persons concerned

žArrange for the transport and other needs

žRemind them at least 2 days to activity date

žRemind the day before the activity to make sure they have it on their programme for the following day

žCall on the morning of the activity and make sure they have left for the venue

Other logistical arrangements

žMake all necessary financial arrangements ahead of time and the needed cash available before the programme begins

žEnsure all publicity/merchandising items (banner/backdrop) are ready

žFind out if there is the need for a Special Opening and Closing ceremonies and inform the persons in charge of the venue about that –

žIf there will be a formal opening – Guest of honour, Keynote speaker, draft programme for the opening

žArrange for cultural dance troupe or any other entertaining group if necessary

žArrange for special decorations for the function if necessary

žArrange for photographer and video coverage

žArrange for excursion if necessary

žArrange for rapporteur if necessary

ž1st draft of participants address list to be ready by the day of the activity and sent round for corrections/additions to be made

žPrint copies of Claim forms, Registration forms, Evaluation Forms, Honour certificates, list for Out of pocket allowance

žIs there any need for souvenirs (hankies, ‘T’ Shirts, caps, conference bags etc)?

Just Before date: about 2 – 5 days before the activity

žInspect the venue again

žPrepare a rooming list for participants who will be in residence

žEnsure that final agenda/programme is ready

žConference packs are ready

žMake a list of all items that will be needed at the conference venue and begin packing them into cartons and label them accordingly

žDay before

žPrepare conference room and place all name plates

žArrange for the PA System

žSet up conference secretariat if necessary


žReconfirm participants’ tickets – if there are international participants

žClaims forms must be filled and supporting documents attached to be forwarded to accounts for funds to be made available

žParticipants must sign for all monies they receive

žDistribute evaluation sheets round for participants to complete


žSend appreciation letters to participants

žComplete activity report

žSend reports and contact list to all participants

žDo financial reconciliation – receipts and payments

Things to note

*Effective communication is key in

*Regular follow up

*Keep a diary

*Keep a checklist and cross out tasks as and when they are completed





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